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Who knew Saffron Valley in South Jordan would be serving up hundreds of south Indian fare called dosas every Tuesday to its patrons? Leaving the Tandoor (North Indian Clay Oven) to the more predictable and conventional ethnic food lovers, Tuesday nights (for a limited time) are dedicated to bona fide foodies with the all you can eat dosa experience. For $9.99 per person one can enjoy an unlimited number of dosas of various kinds, all made at a live counter- a feast for your eyes and your palate.

Every foodie worth his or her saffron knows the local Indian joint to frequent for a Dosa fix. If you walk into Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods you will notice the menu features a section called Dosas. Dosas are giant crispy crepes made with lentils and rice. It is no easy task to make these wispy melt in your mouth wraps- the process to make dosa, including the correct fermentation of the batter, takes 24 hours.

During Dosa Night, every Tuesday from 5-10PM, one can see how dosas are made at a live counter where a thin layer of the batter is ladled onto a hot griddle greased with oil or clarified butter. It is spread out evenly with the base of a ladle or bowl to form a crepe. It is then flipped to heat both crusts and removed from the griddle when the crust becomes crispy. Dosas are served hot, either folded in half or rolled like a wrap.

The heart-and-soul of the dish is in the dipping soup called sambar (which has 25 ingredients) and fresh chutneys such as coconut and tomato which are blended from scratch every few hours.
Dosa can be stuffed with fillings of vegetables and sauces to make a delicious snack or a complete meal. A masala dosa is the most popular kind of dosa with a stuffing of potatoes, fried onions and spices. It is listed at number 49 on World’s 50 most delicious foods complied by CNN Go in 2011.

Here’s a sample of dosas that are featured on the Dosa Night special menu:
Plain Dosa, Ghee Dosa, Onion Dosa, Podi Dosa, Masala Dosa, Mysore Masala Dosa, Pesarattu (Moong Dosa), Onion Pesarattu, Madurai Malli Dosa (Mint Dosa), Cheese Dosa, Chilli Dosa (Spicy, Onion Chilli Utappam, Vegetable Utappam, Spring Dosa (with Vegetables)

Dosa Nights get packed very fast, so be sure to make reservations by calling (801) 438-4823

About Saffron Valley:
Saffron Valley is part of a new wave of innovative Indian restaurants that’s changing the image of Indian food across the country. Tandoori Chicken Pizza, Nawabi Chicken Kebab, Delhi Chaat and Saffron Mixed Platter with simmer sauce are a few of the more spectacular creations of owner Lavanya Mahate. Redefining Indian food, the dishes of Saffron Valley are rooted in tradition while at the same time pushing the culinary edge. Owner Lavanya Mahate and Head Chef Kannan capture the flavors of their homeland, adding their own flair to create dishes that are mind blowingly flavorful.

1098 W South Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT-84095.

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