Sunday July 8th, 2012: Maharashtrian Cuisine

Regional Buffet at Saffron Valley South Jordan, UT

Maharashtrian Regional Buffet at Saffron Valley South Jordan, UT

Maharashtrian or Marathi cooking uses a large variety of vegetables, fish and coconut. Maharashatrian cuisine is rich in ginger, garlic and a variety of spices. Tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables stuffed with filling and sautéed in oil till soft are very popular here. Maharastrian cooking uses peanut oil in sparing amounts and is considered healthy.

While the cuisine boasts delicacies such as Shrikhand (sweet yogurt dessert), Puran Poli (sweet flatbread) and the exotic Modaks (steamed rice flour dumplings) on one hand, on the other, it goes all out spicy on many of its curries like, Rassa and appetizers like Misal Pav (puffed rice salad)and Batata Vada (potato pattie in a bun). To top it all, its capital city – Mumbai – the most glamorous, vibrant and cosmopolitan city in India, adds to Maharashtrian cuisine, among other things, its very own uniquely characteristic ‘Chaat’ food typically served by street vendors.

Now you can get a taste Mumbai right here at Saffron Valley only this Sunday.


Kanda Bhaji- onion fritters

Kothimbir vadi- fritters made with cilantro and chick pea flour

Dahi wada- lentil fritters in a yogurt sour sauce

Steamed patra fish-steamed fish wrapped in banana/turmeric filled withgreen chutney

Pithala- maharashtrian delicacy made from gram flour

Panir masala- cottage cheese cubes cooked with onions, tomatoes, spices

Aloo matter- Peas and potato curry

Chicken Kheema masala- minced meat cooked with spices

Chicken curry- Mumbai ctyle chicken curry

Veg biryani- mélange of vegetables, rice, spices, slow cooked

Naan- flatbread

Basmati Rice

Techa – hot crushed chutney made from peanut, garlic, and green chily

Caramel custard- a favorite dessert

Lapshee-pudding made with wheat daliya, jaggery, ghee

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