Saffron Valley to Open in Salt Lake City

Saffron Valley East India Cafe, Downtown Salt Lake City

Saffron Valley East India Cafe, Downtown Salt Lake City

Yes, its official! Saffron Valley will be opening soon in Downtown Salt Lake City. When we first opened in South Jordan, two years ago it was about celebrating and sharing our love of Indian cuisine with patrons who appreciate bold flavors and authentic Indian beyond curry and naan. Indian food is as diverse as any other aspect of the amazing subcontinent and so we made an attempt to educate our customers on food from Kerala, to Bengal to Kashmir and every other state in between. Our guests continue to love the bold and varied flavors from our Tuesday Tiffin Nights to Regional Sunday Lunch Buffets. With this same goal in mind of celebrating the nuances of Indian cuisine we will be opening our doors mid-march at the former Pagoda location on E Street. This 40+ year old building is timeless, rich with heritage and we are thrilled to name this location Saffron Valley East India Café.

East India Café’s décor is meticulously detailed, laced with drama and pays homage to an era that has always fascinated me- Old India 1920’s, when it was still a British Colony. Something about this era brings me fond memories of my grandpa, whether it was the huge rattan sleeping chair that he used to take afternoon naps in or the dark rich detailed teak furniture that was in every corner of our family house, or the hundred other fond memories that I associate with my childhood. Creating East India Café has taken me back in time and has added more purpose and meaning to my vision for Saffron Valley. It feels like I’m home!

We can’t wait to be a part of the Salt Lake community! We hope you can come and enjoy the same great food at our new location. Stay tuned for opening date and other details.

The love story with food continues!

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  1. Shane Brogan says:

    Our family have been to your restaurant many times and love your authentic cuisine. We live in the avenues and look forward to walking to your new venue!!

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