For the past six months, Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods, located in South Jordan has been serving up a variety of dosas (lentil and rice crepes from Southern India) every Tuesday night during our Dosa Nights special. As part of this ongoing excitement, we decided to turn up the heat (literally) by adding more items from the complementary Chettinad Cuisine to our Tuesday night Dosa sampling buffet.

Starting today Feb 7th, Chettinad Nights will feature the very best of South Indian (Tamil Nadu) cuisine belonging to that of the Chettiar community. Ven Pongal (a lentil and rice porridge seasoned with ghee and curry leaves), Upma (a savory semolina pudding with fresh vegetables), Medhu Vada (crispy doughnut shaped lentil fritters), Appam (fluffy pancakes), Kesari (a sweet preparation), Puri Kelangu (puffed fry bread and potato side), Paniyaram (sweet or savory rice buns), Kothu Parota (sautéed bread chops), Cauliflower Chettinad (Florets of Cauliflower cooked in Chettinad Masala), are some of the dishes you will find on the Tuesday Night buffet. In addition to these authentic dishes, you will also find a spread of fresh ground chutneys including onion, mint, tomato, coconut & peanut varieties to elevate the Chettinad/Dosa sampling experience.

Guests will be treated to a complimentary ‘Neer Moor’ drink which is a famous yogurt based drink and the perfect start before enjoying the rich flavors of our Chettinad menu. Guests will also have the option to order off our a-la-carte menu.

For reservations call: (801) 438-4823; Cost: $9.99 pp for all you can eat Dosa Buffet. $12.99 pp for all you can eat Chettinad Buffet including dosas. Saffron Valley is located at 1098 W South Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT-84095.

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