Presenting the Great Indian Thali at Saffron Valley!

Weekend Thali Dinners at Saffron Valley

Weekend Thali Dinners at Saffron Valley

At Saffron Valley we take food very seriously, creating great expectations in the Indian food scene of Salt Lake City, where people are constantly asking us about what our next special is. We were thinking long and hard about presenting a special that was truly authentic, good value for money, and left your tongue tingling with a myriad of flavors. So we came up with a Saffron Valley Thali Dinner special- a medley of all things deliciously Indian!

Traditionally a thali is a selection of a variety of items dished into small stainless steel bowls and onto a large stainless steel platter. (Yes, we had to fedex huge stainless platters, cups and bowls from India to make this possible). In a nutshell, a Thali is fun, tasty and satisfying!

The menu comprises of portion sizes of 2 different types of appetizers, 4 main entrées, 2 sides dishes, 2 types of rice, flat breads, 2 desserts, chutneys, papad, fruit at a minimum. If this is not enough add a glass of house made fresh mango lassi to elevate the Thali experience. Since Indian food varies from North to South we created 2 different types of Thalis- North Indian and South Indian. Meat and Vegetarian options are also available so you can fully customize your own Thali.

Served every Friday and Saturday between 5PM-10PM, the Thali Dinners at Saffron Valley are sure to make you lick your fingers after it is all said and done! Yumm@SaffronValleyThaliDinners!

Saffron Valley is located at 1098 W South Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT. Tel (801) 438-4823. Call for reservations. Large groups welcome.

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