It’s 2 AM and I’m sipping on my second cuppa chai for the night, packing up for my booth at the Farmer’s market tomorrow morning, working on the recipe handouts for a class in the evening. I decided to take a short break and do something that’s not related to work, to family or to my business, but just a short diversion to reflect upon the little some things that bring a smile to my face..


I love it when:

…the car on the next lane is stopped at the signal, the light turns green and I can whiz past the car without having to stop at all. Talk about a guilty pleasure.

… my GPS takes me to a place that I could never get to on my own because of my hideous sense of directions. Or because of my forgetfulness to pick up the print out of my map quest directions from the printer, every time I print them. Like I did today, when I went to LaCaille.

…my Acura MDX captures the video in the rear every time I back up. I used to have to strain my neck to get a good view of whether or not I’m running over something or someone. Now I just sit back and enjoy the movie!


I’m enthralled when…

… a girl friend calls me a soul sister and talks about sharing our friendship till we grow sixty. Thanks Staci!

… someone I haven’t seen in 10 years friends me on Facebook and takes the extra 10 seconds to send a personal note.

… I get calls from friends around the world who take a few minutes from their busy lives just to say ‘hello’. They are special!

Cooking & Eating

I prefer it when…

… my mom makes me breakfast every morning of toast and eggs, not too runny, not too well done, with just the right sprinkle of salt and pepper. I’m NOT spoilt. I’m NOT spoilt. I’m NOT spoilt.

… the toaster in our staff kitchen does a decent job without having to run the slice of bread twice through the machine for my mid afternoon snack of toast with almond butter. Dan, it’s time to replace that non-toaster.

… my camera does not run out of memory or batteries run out of charge while I’m cooking and taking pictures simultaneously for my blog. This can be a pain!

… my slice of cake is bigger than everybody else’s at a birthday party.


I’m tickled when…

… my 18 month old son is amused at the sight of cheerios.

… my daughter say, “Mommy, I love you so much” can I stay home today and not go to school. Nice try, Sanjana!

… my husband misplaces his wallet and searches for it all over the house only to find it in his back pocket. Yeah, seriously.


I’m so thankful when…

… my team members are on top of things and I don’t have to send memos to remind them of things that needed to be done from last month.

… my boss tells me during an annual employee review that I’m exceptional in everything I do. I hate to blow my own trumpet :)

… a colleague religiously pops corn and brings out chips and salsa every Friday afternoon for everyone at work.

…last but not the least, the automatic flush toilets in the restrooms at work. An absolute simple pleasure.


I’m grateful that you just read what I wrote!

What are your simple pleasures in life? I’d love to know…

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