Indo-Chinese Food Festival Dec5th-11th

indo-chinese food festival at Saffron Valley

Loosely translated Indo-Chinese suggests spicy Chinese food. The simplicity of the name however belies the complexity of this inventive cuisine with a rich heritage. Centuries old in the Indian subcontinent, this cooking technique infuses Indian herbs and spices into a blend of Cantonese, Hakka and Szechuan style cooking. The result is an explosion of flavor, sometimes bold and fiery, but always a delight to the senses.

In bringing this festival to you, we are unwavering in our insistence of brining fresh, unique and flavorful dishes to our Utah patrons.

Momos- Tibetan dumplings with chicken or vegetable filling (5 pcs)…$4.99
Crispy Okra- fried okra pods with our smoky chili seasoning…$4.99
Chicken Lollipop- spicy pulled back winglets (4 pcs)…$7.99
Vegetable Spring Rolls- slender rolls stuffed with wok tossed vegetables (3pcs)…$4.99
Salt & Pepper Calamari- golden batter fried rings…$7.99
Soft Cheese Wontons- crisp fried and served with chili pepper sauce (4 pcs)…$4.99

Sweet Corn- cream of corn, vegetable…$4.99 /chicken…$5.99
Hot & Sour- red chili, soy, paneer & shitake mushroom vegetable…$4.99 /chicken…$5.99
Tomato Soup- thai basil and fried onions…$4.99
Bok Choy Soup- vegetable consommé with baby bokchoy…$4.99

Main Course
Saffron 65- chicken spiked with curry leaves & red hot chilies…$10.99
Basil chicken- white meat, broccoli & fresh basil stir fry…$10.99
Chicken cilantro- white meat, seasonal vegetables in a spinach & cilantro pesto…$10.99
Sweet n Sour Chicken- white meat & pineapple in a sweet n sour sauce…$10.99
Cashew Chicken- chicken, cashew nuts & vegetables in a sweet & spicy soy sauce…$11.99
Tellicherry Pepper Chicken- chicken & fresh vegetables fried with black pepper…$11.99
Chicken Hot Garlic- diced chicken in a crushed garlic & chili sauce …$11.99
Tomato Garlic Chicken- chicken and mushrooms in a chunky tomato garlic sauce.. $11.99

Crispy Szechuan Lamb- twice cooked crispy meat, tossed with red & green chilies… $13.99
Spicy Black Bean Lamb- stir fried with green beans…$13.99
Lamb Manchurian- sautéed in a minced onion, ginger and garlic sauce…$13.99
Cumin Lamb- stir fried with house wine and dried red chili flakes…$13.99

Sea Food
Chili Prawns- tiger prawns in a soy chili pepper sauce…$13.99
Cilantro Fish- boneless fillet in spinach & cilantro pesto…$13.99
Chili Basil Fish- boneless fillet & broccoli in hot basil sauce…$13.99
Salt & Pepper Prawns- tossed in crushed ginger, green chili seasoning…$13.99
Hot Garlic Prawns- tiger prawns in red chili & smoked garlic sauce …$13.99
Sweet n Sour Prawns- tiger prawns and pineapple in sweet n sour sauce…$13.99
Tomato Garlic Fish- sautéed with mushrooms in a chunky tomato garlic sauce..$13.99

Cilantro Vegetables- crispy vegetables in a spinach & cilantro pesto sauce…$9.99
Chinese Mirch Potatoes- our special, home fries szechuan style, tossed dry…$9.99
Spicy Tofu Stir Fry- firm tofu, mushroom, broccoli, hot long peppers & bokchoy…$10.99
Chinese Eggplant in Garlic Sauce- eggplant & tofu in crushed garlic chili sauce…$10.99
Sautéed Okra & Mushroom- in chili bean sauce…$10.99

Rice & Noodles
Hakka Noodles- soft lomein noodles with: vegetables, egg, or chicken…$10.99, baby shrimp…$11.99
Chili Garlic Noodles- soft lomein noodles tossed in chili garlic paste with: vegetables, egg, or chicken…$10.99, baby shrimp…$11.99, mixed $12.99
Fried Rice- wok tossed long grain basmati rice with: vegetables, egg or chicken $10.99, baby shrimp..$11.99, mixed $12.99
Szechuan Fried Rice- wok tossed long grain basmati rice and spicy garlic paste with : vegetables, egg or chicken $10.99, baby shrimp..$11.99, mixed $12.99
American Chop-Suey- pan fried noodles topped with : sweet n sour vegetable slaw…$10.99, sweet n sour vegetable slaw & egg sunny side up…$11.99, sweet n sour vegetable slaw, chicken and egg sunny side up…$12.99
Wok Omelet- with green chilies (served over vegetable fried rice)- $10.99; add chicken…$11.99

● Our food is made from scratch, so some dishes may take longer than others to prepare
● Auto gratuity of 18% applicable for parties of 6 or more

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