Fabulous Fall at Saffron Valley

Lavanya Mahate

As summer ends, I reminisce how wonderful the past few months have been. At Saffron Valley we had some successful events, starting with the Dosa Festival, The Kebab Carnival, the South Indian Food Fest and the on-going Dosa Nights every Tuesday. Wow, we’ve been busy! As a family, we celebrated summer by eating outdoors often, with watermelon juice running down my little tykes’ chins, casual dinners with friends, late night laughter on the deck and beautiful star filled nights.

I enjoyed teaching culinary classes at Thanksgiving Point. I believe that everybody eats better and healthier when they cook at home. I had many excited participants who went back home and tried most of the recipes that I shared with them in the classes. Of Course, cooking is not for everyone, which is why we serve up delicious food at Saffron Valley. So you can come dine with us next time you don’t feel like cooking or craving some awesome Indian.

Now it’s time for fall, a nip in the air. With cooler weather comes the craving for warm soups, stews, hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies. This Sunday I plan to bake warm chocolate chip pumpkin cookies to set the tone for fall cooking. Happy cooking from Saffron Valley!

Love n Flavor- Lavanya.

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