All you can eat Parathas at Saffron Valley every Thursday from 5-10 PM.

Paratha Nights at Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods

Paratha, Parantha, Parauntha, Parotta, Palata (Burma), Farata (Maldives), Roti Prata (Malaysia), Roti Canai (Singapore)- any which way you call it, the multi layered flaky flatbread is one of the most popular unleavened breads in Indian cuisine and many far east countries. Parathas can be plain or stuffed with vegetables such as potatoes, vegetables, radishes or cauliflower and/or paneer.

Saffron Valley in its commitment to bringing unique and authentic Indian food festivals to our Utah patrons is presenting a live Paratha counter every Thursday from 5PM-10PM, for customers to enjoy a variety of parathas for just $9.99 per person.

Saffron Valley Parathas combine techniques from different styles of Parathas and the result is a delicious melt in your mouth treat with discernible soft layers in the center with crispier shell layers on the outside. Our parthas are served with a delicious vegetable or chicken korma also called chalna.

Here’s a sample of our Thursday Live Paratha menu:
Plain paratha (layered roti no stuffing – popular in most regions of India)
Mooli Paratha (radish-stuffed paratha, popular in most regions of northern India and the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.)
Pudina paratha (laced with dry mint)
Ceylon paratha (from Sri Lanka)
Pyaz ka paratha (stuffed with onion)
Chilli Paratha (stuffed with green chillies)
Mattar paratha (stuffed with boiled, mashed and flavoured green peas)
Jaipuri paratha (special sweet and spicy stuffing of lentils and spices)
Meetha Paratha (Stuffed with sugar and cardamom)

Special Order:
Kothu Paratha – chunks of paratha tossed with vegetables and our house special gravy, vegetarian or meat available- $9.99

For reservations call: (801) 438-4823
Saffron Valley, 1098 W South Jordan Pkwy, South Jordan, UT-84095.

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