Saffron Valley Celebrates 1YR Anniversary

February Specials at Saffron Valley

I can’t believe it’s going to be one full year since we opened up our doors to welcome you all to Saffron Valley in South Jordan. This month we’re celebrating Saffron Valley’s 1st birthday.

When we first talked about the idea of starting a restaurant many good friends and well wishers cautioned us and thought we were nearly insane. We ignored them anyways and went ahead with our crazy plan driven by our passion for promoting Indian food and creating a unique Indian restaurant.

Through the process of developing Saffron Valley, we were faced with a lot of hurdles and learnt a lot; however one thing became very evident- once you clarify your purpose for doing something, the way becomes clear. We’re just really happy and grateful that we’re here on our first birthday.

The reason for us not just being here but actually have been voted as one of the best restaurants that opened up in Utah during 2011 by three major media, is the trust and talent of our staff, and the support of a number of people.

The talent and hard work of our Chef Kannan and team, the flair of our interior designer and cleanliness doctor, Nancy Kilmurray, the stamina of our front staff, patience of our families, the kindness of local media in spotlighting us time and again, the inspiration and support of Dr.Dinesh & Mrs. Kalpana Patel, the encouragement of patrons who come into Saffron Valley rain or shine, asking us to open up multiple locations, the list of people to thank could go on.

But truly our biggest supporters have been our social media friends and followers, watching all those hundreds of food pictures we post every day, responding to our random posts and tweets, and most of all “liking” all our experimental promotions and ideas like Dosa Nights and Paratha Nights. You make our efforts worthwhile and breathe life into what we do, and you have our sincerest gratitude.

We’re truly humbled to be doing what we are doing in this time and place. We’re glad to have been of service over the last year and we’re looking forward to serving you for many more.

So here, after one year of Saffron Valley, it’s not really Happy Birthday to us. It’s actually Happy Birthday to you. Thanks for everything!!

(PS: Because it’s our Anniversary and also Valentine’s month, we’ll be treating you to irresistible specials over the next few days –watch our Facebook page for details)

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