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Saffron Valley South Indian Food Fest

Savor the flavors of the South

Saffron Valley South Indian Food Fest -July 11th – 16th
This July, Saffron Valley represents a unique culinary concept. An opportunity to enliven your senses, at one place, with diverse flavors and delicacies from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Chef Kannan and team present a delectable choice of delicacies including Hyderabadi Dum Biryanis, Chettinad Varieties, Coorgi specialties and Kerala cuisine to fathom South India’s rich culinary heritage.

Seafood: $12.99
Served with steamed rice, rasam of the day, assorted pickles
Nandu  Masala- Crabs cooked in onions, tomatoes and spices
Meen Varuval- Fish marinated in fresh ground spices and fried to perfection
Ira Perratal- Yummy shrimp fry sure to please seafood lovers
Madurai Meen Kozhambu- Marinated and fried fish in a spicy concoction of tamarind and spices
Andhra Chepala Pulusu- Traditional Andhra fish curry
Fish Moilee- A delicious preparation from the State of Kerala

Chicken/Lamb: $12.99/$13.99
Served with steamed rice, rasam of the day, assorted pickles
Chicken/Lamb Chettinadu- slow cooked in fennel, black pepper and cumin seasoned with curry leaves
Andhra Chicken Curry- Traditional Andhra spices and chicken in spicy gravy
Niligiri Chicken Korma- A creamy coconut based gravy of chicken
Coorgi Chicken Curry- Traditional Coorgi chicken curry
Chicken 65- A spicy and crunchy chicken preparation
Kodi Vepudu- Andhra style chicken fry
Mutton Sukha Fry- Slow roasted lamb fry with pepper, fennel and cumin 

Vegetarian: $8.99
Served with steamed rice, rasam of the day and Poriyal

White Pumpkin  Kootu- chunks of white pumpkin simmered with dal and spices
Avial- A South Indian mixed vegetable curry with yogurt and coconut
Mixed vegetable coconut korma- Creamy style vegetable curry
Bendakaya Masala Pulusu- An Andhra specialty dish of okra
Bhagara Baingan- A Hyderabadi specialty of small eggplants in a coconut gravy
Katrika Poondu Kolambu- A Tamil Nadu specialty of small eggplants cooked in a tamarind sauce 

Sweets: $3.99
Pineapple Kesari Bhath- warm semolina pudding with chunks of pineapple
Aval Payasam- Puffed Rice pudding with cashews and cardamom
Andhra Junnu- South Indian style crème caramel 

Snack Varieties: $6
Appam, coconut milk- Steamed rice pancake served with coconut milk
Parota, Korma- Puffed flat bread made of whole wheat
Idli, sambhar- Steamed rice cakes served with lentil dipping soup
Pongal,  Vada, Sambhar- Savory rice and lentil preparation, lentil doughnuts
Andhra Upma, allam pachadi- Savory semolina pudding with ginger pickle
Mysore Aloo Bonda, chutneys- Chick pea flour roundels with potato and green peas
Cut Mirchi, chutneys- Spicy stuffed peppers fried in a chick pea flour batter
Kothu Parota- classic south Indian street food- $8

Rice Varieties:$5
Served with papad and pickles
Lemon Rice
Coconut Rice
Yogurt Rice
Mint Rice
Tomato Rice

Rasam of the day- $2
Egg Omlette- $4
Egg Bhurji- $4

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