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Indian Spices in Salt Lake City

Authentic Indian Spices in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Indian Spices are designed to cut down on meal preparation time without sacrificing the authentic taste of Indian cuisine. East India Pantry brings to you products that capture the diverse flavors of regional Indian cuisine. The World market has taken Indian cuisine to its heart and educated its palate to the finer differences in Indian cooking. A few years ago if people talked about Indian cooking they might have made a distinction between korma and tikka masala. Today professional chefs, home cooks and diners are recognizing the difference between North and South Indian styles of cooking as well as variations from regions such as Kerala and Chettinad in the south, and Gujarat and Goa on the western coast.

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Indian Spices in Salt Lake City at East India Pantry

Check out Lavanya teaching Casey about our authentic Indian Spices!

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