Rewind 2015

A love Story

A love Story

It feels like yesterday, when I ventured to open my first restaurant. It was with grit and determination that I jumped off the cliff not doubting even for a second that I would crash and fall. It didn’t matter if I “failed” or “succeeded” as in my heart, I had already succeeded by taking the leap of faith and following my passion. I realized quickly that Salt Lake loved Indian food more than I ever thought it would and never looked back since.

Here I am today, all set to complete five years in the business, with not one, but two successful Indian restaurants in Utah!

I look back with immense joy, and gratitude as we prepare for dawn to rise on 2016, I look back at the year gone by; 2015 has been quite a remarkable year for Saffron Valley.

We won the best Indian Restaurant of the Year Award fourth time in a row. It is incredible to me that the Salt Lake Magazine has recognized our achievements year after year. I am particularly thrilled that we catered the Annual Diwali Party at the Utah Governor’s Mansion, an event we enjoy doing year after year.

There was a time, when we just started, and I had jitters each time  wondering how I would feed and satisfy a restaurant full of people. In Nov, 2015, we catered our biggest event ever, an out of state event for 1200 people in PHX, AZ. I still can’t stop pinching myself about it.

We hosted our fifth annual South Indian Food Festival, another successful food festival churned out by our Master Chefs. Apart from this our weekend brunch buffets are a ritual in itself, with elaborate menus from varied regions of India.

In a nutshell, it has been a supreme year for Saffron Valley and I am truly in a blissful state. As we get ready to welcome the next year, I feel it is important for me to thank everyone who helped my climb so far and hope they remain in my corner. A big thank you to the entire staff of Saffron Valley that has worked through my culinary ideas and made Saffron Valley contest my vision. You are truly the BEST!

I acknowledge all our customers, new and old, who fell in love with the spices and the curries. I can’t wait to share additions to our menu. Thank you so much, friends! Your love and support means a lot.

And finally, a big hug to Mr.L, my better half. Without your support, I would not have been able to make Salt Lake City crazy about chicken tikka masala!

I am overwhelmed by how SLC has fallen in love with dishes that are robust and spices that are complex. I promise, as a team, Saffron Valley and I, will keep your taste buds as entertained and satiated in 2016, as we have done until now.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to all! May you have a scrumptious 2016!!

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