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Ever dream of making it through your lunch meeting without chomping on the usual bland sandwich with too much soggy bread and not enough meat? Well, there’s an easy solution! You’ll be kicking yourself after you hear my simple idea.

If you find yourself wandering over to the Saffron Valley Website, don’t be alarmed– it’s only natural. Natural to find yourself salivating over just a taste of our creamy Chicken Tikka Masala curry complimented with the soft, light, hand-made naan flatbread. Natural to pick up your phone to make a quick phone call…

But wait! You don’t know what to order. You don’t want to pick it up, set it up, or even make separate trips to grab some disposable plates, utensils, and napkins. That’s just too much work. Don’t fret! Saffron Valley has it covered, down to meal planning, delivery, set-up, and even plasticware—the whole shebang.

We have several Deluxe Tray options for you to choose (see Corporate Catering Menu for details), including:
• The Executive Meeting
• The V.I.P Meeting
• The Working Lunch
• It’s a Wrap Meeting

Here’s the hard part- which event do you want to present this delightful surprise? The monthly training session? Next week’s working luncheon? Or the ever-popular annual holiday party? [Click here for Party Catering Menu] Whatever the event, I can guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the delectable food, appealing presentation, and reliable service.

From our kitchen to your office. Now you can say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Claim it as your own idea- I won’t tell. ;)

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