10 interesting facts about India and Indians:

While it is impossible to make sweepingly definitive statements about or generalize a whole nation of people, these points are simply based on my knowledge and observation, meant to be read in a light hearted way :)

1-      Cultural Context: The foundations of Hindu philosophy, mythology, and literature were laid, and many beliefs and practices which still exist today, such as dhárma, kárma, yóga, and mokṣa, were established over 4500 years ago. That is how old Indian tradition and culture is!

2-      Yes and No: Indians are typically friendly and hospitable people. Indian logic is significantly different from the western way of thinking. For Indians, the ‘feeling’ level is very important and it is essential not to hurt people’s feelings or embarrass them in any way. As such Indians have developed a subtle yet complex style of communicating that gives priority to preserving pleasantries, rather than quickly getting to the point. This might seem vague to people outside of the culture. One should understand that it is not lying or in sincere, rather, a cultural context.

3-      Family Drama: India is a collective society. Right from young age children are raised with extended family members. Indians are typically close to their families and very in tuned with the family drama. Hence, the reasoning for the overwhelmingly popular family dramas on Indian TV.

4-      Honor and Dignity: Indians give utmost importance to dignity and honor of the self, as well as cultural and religious honor. They are proud of their heritage, culture, traditions! Be careful never to even jokingly drop the ball on this one.

5-      Pet Names: In India most everyone has a pet name or a nick name that is used by family and close friends. The ‘official name’ is for everybody outside of the private sphere.

6-      Quick Intro: Indians want to get to know you fast. So if you are just meeting someone, questions like are you married, where is your house, how many kids do you have might come right at you. Don’t be taken aback, they are just being friendly!

7-      Indian Standard Time: Indians are very laidback when it comes to punctuality. When invited to a social event at 7PM, showing up after 8PM is common.

8-      North or South: Although everybody from India is referred to as Indian, there are many stark and definitive characteristics that differentiate North Indians from South Indians.  From appearance to language, dress, mannerisms to food, the North and the South are very different.

9-      Resourceful: Indians truly know how to make do. There are clean vehicles without automated car washes, well-kept lawns without lawn mowers, neat floors even without vacuum cleaners, and a plethora of other ways that Indians use creativity to problem solve.

10-   Recycling: is an ancient art in India. Indians have been recycling for centuries, everything from papers to plastics to clothes and more. Farmers markets and fresh foods are a natural way of life for Indians.

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