Weekend Regional Lunch Buffets at Saffron Valley starting with Bengali Cuisine

Saturday June 23rd, 2012: Presenting Bengali Cuisine
Savor the Scrumptious Taste of Bengali Cuisine at Saffron Valley.

Bengalis have an infinite love for all things Fish. This must be due to their proximity to the ocean aka Bay of Bengal, where seafood is plenty and fresh. Bengalis prepare their fish in innumerable ways – steamed or braised, stewed with greens or other vegetables and with sauces that are mustard based or thickened with poppy seeds. The use of mustard seeds and mustard oil is very typical of Bengali cooking and so is fresh ground mustard paste.

The use of spices for both fish and vegetable dishes is quite extensive and includes many combinations not found in other parts of India. Panch Phoron, a term used to refer to the five essential spices, namely mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed, aniseed, and black cumin seed, is a characteristic spice-mix that is fried and added at the start or finish of cooking, giving the dish a special flavor.

Bengalis are also famous for their distinctive sweetmeats made from milk products, including Rôshogolla, Chômchôm, and several kinds of Pedas (milk fudge). All of India clamors for Bengali sweets. And if you’re in Bengal, roshogollas are a must try.

In short, Bengali food is an impeccable amalgam of sweet and spicy flavors that feels like a dance in your mouth.

Saffron Valley gives you a ticket to experience and delve into the origins of this truly delectable cuisine only this Friday at the yummy price of $9.99pp.


Seafood Shorba- a flavor packed broth of seafood, mushrooms, spinach

Veg Rolls- a classic Calcutta street food

Samosa Chaat- savory pastry, potatoes, green peas, chutneys, yogurt, gram noodles

Jhuri Aloo Bhaja- deliciously lacy and crispy Potatoes

Chicken Chilli- spicy and tangy chicken appetizer

Vegetable Noodles- soft noodles stir fried with fresh vegetables

Luchi- puffed wheat bread

Begun Bhaja- eggplants sauté

Lau Ghonto- chow chow guard cooked with lentils

Aloo Gobhi Matter- cauliflower, potatoes, green peas in select spices

Veg Biryani- long grain basmati slow cooked with vegetables

Koi Macher Jhol- a tasty fish curry from Bengal

Chicken Kasha- dry chicken curry

Chicken Tandoori Kebab- tandoor grilled chicken kebabs

Basmati Rice


Strawberry Cake- dessert

Rosogolla- puffed milk roundels in a sweet syrup

So forget about going through all that travel hassle and get your ticket to a taste of Bengal today – with today’s lunch buffet at Saffron Valley!

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