Aashish Khan & the Inner Voyage Consort- A different beat!

Indian classical music has two schools, Hindustani and Carnatic. Hindustani music, the music of northern India, is influenced by Arabic and Iranian music, as a result of the Muslim invasions of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Carnatic music, the music of southern India, evolved from Hindu traditions thousands of years ago.

Both Hindustani and Carnatic music are based on rags, or set compositions of notes. An important instrument used in Indian classical music is the sitar. Aashish Khan is a world renowned Sitar player and a master of combining the infuence of Western and Indian classical music.

The Kingsbury Hall was packed with an audience who were mesmerized by the consort of Aashish Khan and the Inner Voyage group. The performace was short and sweet and left the audience asking for more.

The after party at Bombay House was a memorable experience- the food was great and the company even greater. Below are some pictures from last night.

Aashish Khan Signs My CD!

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