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Saffron Valley an Authentic Indian Restaurant in Salt Lake City

Saffron Valley wins Best Indian Restaurant in Utah

Saffron Valley wins Best Indian Restaurant in Utah

Human beings are organically inclined towards love and nurturing. Come on, who doesn’t love getting a like, a positive comment, a recognition, how about an award?

We were uber thrilled when we were awarded the Best Indian Restaurant in Utah by Salt Lake Magazine in 2012. We had just opened shop and to win the Best Indian Restaurant award by a leading magazine in Utah within our first year of operation was a bit of surprise. Actually, it was unreal!  We must have done something really right to earn the recognition of the most authentic Indian restaurant in Salt Lake City.

This prestigious award was followed by a few others- Best of State 2012, Best Indian Restaurant 2013 by Salt Lake Magazine, Best of State 2013, City Weekly Best of Utah 2013 amongst others. Yes, it’s great to be recognized for our passion, hard work and unwavering commitment to running a successful enterprise that helps people experience the richness of Indian Food. With that humble intention, we take a gracious bow!

Being in the restaurant business is a constant pursuit for perfection, striving for the level of satisfaction that a customer looks for while choosing our place over a hundred other restaurants in Salt Lake City. There’s got be something that we, as an authentic Indian restaurant in Salt Lake City have to offer that cannot be replicated by anybody else and this is what we like to think of as our charisma.

Of course, the variety of menu offerings at Saffron Valley speaks for itself and has been widely appreciated by our patrons, being the first of its kind in the Salt Lake Valley. By offering cuisines from the North, South, East and West of India, we tapped into a market that was hungry for an authentic Indian restaurant that served a variety of food beyond curry and naan.

For example, Dosas, a South Indian specialty offered on our ala carte menu come with a variety of fillings from saucy meats to sweet ones. We kicked it up a notch by introducing our Dosa Nights and Tiffin Tuesdays where one can taste an unlimited number of dosas along with an all you can eat tiffin buffet. This unique dining experience continues to be well received by locals as well as the Indian community in Utah.

Dosa, Chutneys, Sambhar, Saffron Valley

Dosa served with Sambhar and Chutneys at Saffron Valley

The Street Foods menu was clearly what struck a chord with Utahns. Indian Street food was unheard of before in Utah yet it is the most quintessential type of food one would love growing up in India. Dahi Puri is the most loved appetizer on our street foods menu. This dish with all its simplicity is quite complex in flavor- a little sweet, a little tangy, spicy, it’s filled with potatoes, chickpeas, sweet yogurt, mint and tamarind sauces. In a nutshell – it’s a party in your mouth. You’ve got to try this!

Kebabs from North India are also a favorite amongst our patrons. Flavorful, juicy and healthy, these grilled bites are a class apart. Tandoori Tikka, Malai Kebab and Saffron Mixed Platter are toppers in this category.

Juicy Grilled Kebabs served with soup, salad and rice!

Juicy Grilled Kebabs served with soup, salad and rice!

When it comes to curries, we have a list of Top 10 select curries that are sure to meet every discerning palette’s desire. Tikka Masala and Coconut Korma are universal favorites. Vindaloo and Kadai with higher flavor complexity are favored by our more adventurous patrons. We’ve also witnessed our guests enjoy more regional flavors like the Madras, Malabar and Chettinad curries that round up our delicious curry menu.

Kati Rolls are something to write home about. Luscious meats and vegetables wrapped in warm naan bread make them the most desirable snack this side of the globe. You get the idea!

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Indian food or just exploring this wonderful cuisine, Saffron Valley with two locations in South Jordan and Salt Lake City has something to offer. We are grateful for your support and will continue to strive hard to provide the highest quality Indian food in the State.

And, thank you for all the awards and recognition. It’s truly recognition for you, patrons and connoisseurs of Indian food, who are helping shape the Indian food scene in Utah!

Saffron Valley is proud to be an authentic Indian restaurant in Utah!

About Saffron Valley: Saffron Valley, with two locations in the Salt Lake Valley, is a top-rated Indian Restaurant offering a unique menu with classic restaurant, home-style, and authentic street foods of India from the North, South, East, and West.



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