July Cooking Class at the Viking School!

My class at the Viking Cooking School over the weekend was a hoot with one of the best groups of particpants that I’ve had. They were fun, engaged and curious to learn everything about Indian cooking and spices. The menu was as follows:

Main Entrees
Cilantro Chicken
Okra Masala

Jeera/Cumin Rice
Paratha (Indian Flat Bread)

Kesar Kulfi (Saffron Ice cream)

Below are some pictures that were taken at the class. I’ll post the recipes soon.

Great group of particpants!

Cilantro Chicken simmering on the stove

Okra Masala

Frying the Paratha on the Griddle

Serious flat bread rolling!

Preparing dough for flatbreads

Stirring the Okras!

Dinner is served!

Sitting down for dinner!

Was a fun class to teach!

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