The Beginnings

Lavanya Mahate

Lavanya Mahate, Founder of East India Pantry & Saffron Valley

Our food journey started with a combination of passion and innovation!

Lavanya’s flavor experimentation with spices, led to easier recipes, quicker cooking techniques, and variations of Indian food that she guided culinary adventure seekers on how to make and use unique spice blends. She formulated her own brand of tantalizing spices that were all natural; pre measured and gave food a ton of flavor. Flavors so savory and mouth watering you could taste the feelings and warmth with each bite. She called these blends East India Pantry!

East India Pantry products became an instant hit with home cooks and culinary enthusiasts alike giving them an easy alternative to cooking Indian at home. Inspired by this initial success, Lavanya furthered her passion for gastronomy by opening her first Indian restaurant in South Jordan, UT.

Saffron Valley Indian Street Foods opened on Feb 24th 2011. The vision for this bistro style Indian restaurant was to offer a unique menu, the first of its kind in the Salt Lake Valley. Saffron Valley was the beginning of an enterprise which would eventually be a place filled with creative and purposeful offerings, committed to a deep sense of community and social responsibility.

Less than two years from opening their first restaurant, the downtown branch of Saffron Valley named Saffron Valley East India Café was opened in Salt Lake City in February of 2013.

Ambitious in scope, meticulously detailed, laced with drama; Saffron Valley East India Café pays homage to a bygone era rich in culture and heritage – Old India 1920’s. The design is relaxing and indulging. The mixture of eclectic vintage decor, mesmerizing music, and delicious cuisine is the heart of Saffron Valley.

East India Pantry and Saffron Valley are companies devoted to helping people experience the richness of Indian food in a real way; enriching their knowledge and appreciation for a wonderful cuisine.

This has been our love story with food!

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